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Aug 19 – Sept 30, 2024​

*New and existing clients. Canine and feline only. Not valid with other offers. Not redeemable for cash.May use offer on multiple pets within the same household. Not applicable for membership or wellness plans.

At Potomac Animal Wellness Services, we are fully equipped to provide dog and cat spay or neuter surgeries in Indian Head, MD. The PAWS team recommends having all pets aged 6 months and older spayed or neutered. Our team is highly trained to perform the procedure right here in our animal hospital. This allows us to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort throughout the procedure and provide the same high-quality care that you and your pet are used to.

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Why Should I Have My Pet Spayed or Neutered?

Having your pet spayed or neutered provides various benefits for their health, improves their behavior, and helps other pets as well. Spay and neuter surgery benefits your pet in a variety of ways, including:

Improve Behavior

Cat and dog neuter surgery can prevent forceful, or unwanted behavior such as spraying, mounting, and roaming in males. The procedure can improve their temperament, making for a more friendly pet.

Prevent the Discomfort of Heat Cycles

Female dogs and cats may experience uncomfortable heat cycles, which attract male pets. Spaying your pets can prevent them from dealing with the discomfort of heat cycles.

Reduce Pet Overpopulation

If you spay or neuter your pet, you can help reduce the homeless pet population in our local community. This can relieve the pressure on animal shelters and save the lives of additional pets in Indian Head, MD.

Encourage Healthier Pets

Cat and dog sterilization can also help prevent more serious health conditions, including mammary cancer and pyometra in females. Having your male cat or dog neutered reduces the likelihood of roaming and keeps them out of harm’s way. Rest assured that at PAWS, we hold your pet’s comfort and safety as our highest priority. Our experienced team can review our surgical process and discuss the benefits of spay or neuter surgery with you. Contact PAWS today to schedule an appointment.

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